Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Does It Hurst So Bad?

"Why does it hurst so bad?
Why do I feel so sad?"
-Whitney Houston

In light of the recent events my soundtrack has led me to a love song that is one of my favorites. This song on the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack is one that speaks of being sad after leaving a love that you know in your heart is no good for you. Let me just say story of my life. But after being forcefully exposed to the current domestic abuse drama that babies Rihanna and Chris Brown have found themselves in, this song just jumped out at me.

First of all let me say that this situation is completely out of control. Accusations, press releases, family statements, tabloid stories and covers, celebrities weighing in on the red carpet, and the pise de resistance... The official police evidence picture of Rihanna post incident was actually leaked to a tabloid website. As a human I am disgusted and as a woman I am appalled. First of all this is a private situation that has taken place and been exploited by the media all for the love of money. This is shameful. Not only is it shameful that all of this is being played out publicly with people taking their sides and rallying behind one side or the other, but people all over this country and dare I say the world, are missing the point and making this into a debate much like the ones in the recent election.

This tragedy is multifacted and above all else personal. These two people are both in the midst of making life changing decisions and facing demons that are not easy to tackle. I am just outraged that people seem to be oblvious to this fact. Even members of their families have had the audacity to come out and give interviews on the situation to tabloid television shows. This in my opinon shows the temperature of our society when it comes to this thing we call domestic violence. There is no real sympathy, emapthy, sorrow, disgust, or even understanding. We as a community haven't realized that abuse is a tragic thing not only for the abused but the abuser as well. Having been in an abusive relationship myself I can recognize the shame, embarassment, pain, and self-loathing that comes from being in that. My heart goes out to both of them and I pray and hope that above all else the both of them get the help they need and find the place of love and completeness from within.

Please give them their privacy and space to hurt, and grieve, and heal; to think, and reflect, and ask why it hurts so bad...

Until the next song plays...

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