Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"Sometime the rain it makes me sad and it's alright
Some things in the world make me mad and it's alright
In the morning when I see the sun I know I'm not the only one
It's alright..."

I live in the world of black and white. I am trying to work on that. I am trying to understand the life of living in the gray. Trying to come out of the idea of extremes in life, I mean for once I want to be able to just be alright with some things. The funny part is that it's not anything in particular that I'm currently speaking of, I just kinda feel like my life currently is forcing me into this world of "grey". And to be quite honest I am freaking out! On the other hand I am starting to get used to it. I am starting to feel content in me and life even though things aren't perfect or the way I may want them to be.

Yesterday I had such a good day. Nothing extreme, I mean I didn't win the lottery, I didn't find the man of my dreams, I didn't get the perfect job, it was just a good day. I loved it! I loved feeling good just because the sun was out and I was in the land of the living. I loved feeling confident that there were people that loved me, and I especially loved that I didn't need anything or anybody to do anything special. I just felt good and everything was alright!

Wow... I'm growing. Growing into the woman I want to be, the person I need to be, the life I hope to live. I can finally see and experience what it looks like to be alright. To be ok and good in whatever situation. Not in a unrealistic, overly optimistic way that means you never have bad days or rain. Not like that at all, but this... this feeling is more along the lines of real contenment. Contentment in knowing, loving, being who you are and feeling confident in that.

Everything is everything and it's alright!

Until the next sing plays...

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