Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out My Mind, Just In Time

"I'm a recovering undercover over-lover
recovering from a love I can't get over
recovering undercover over-lover..."
-Erykah Badu

I'm an over lover

No longer undercover I'm taking the first step in recovery

O why me? Why does that sad love song keep rackin my brain and why is it that when I listen to the rain each drop is a syllable of... your name?

I know I know it's a shame
I'm hopelessly falling and it's not like you're calling me...
I sit and dream about the us that could be while you seem to most of the time look right through me... It's typical

Typical me cuz that's what I do I fall in love with love which makes me fall in love with you... But
I seem to fall flat each time and in the back of my mind a hope still remains that one day I'll actually get to change my last name... to yours

But after all of this time and too many nights of crying I've decided I'm choosing me, turning off those dumb ass love songs, moving out of the fairytale and into... reality?
I thought I could avoid this exit but after that last text message you sent that broke my heart with the greeting "hey buddy"... I have no other recourse but to force myself to give it up and let go of these pipe dreams....

Until the next song plays...
- Jazz

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